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Nylon Frame Anchor,D Type Handle Lockable,D Type Handle Non-Lockable,POP-Up Handle,Push(Touch) Lock,Adjustable Roller,Single Wheel Roller,Nylon Hammer Anchor,Glass Packer,Profile Packer(Sim Packer),Casement Wedge,Cavity Lock,Mechanical Joint(L-Patti) Routing Bit,Drainage Bit,Step Drill Bit,T Slot Cutter,Glazing Paddle,Don Carlose(Moon Knife),De-attachable Handle Key,Gasket Roller,Antilift Sash,Antilift Outer Frame,Bump Stoppor,Drainage Cap,De-attachable Handle Holder,Self Drill Screws,Self Tapping(PVC) Screws, Cleaning Knife,Teflon Paper(Welding Paper),Backer Rod,Nylon Anchor(Fastner),Spacer Block(PVC/Rubber),Nylon Anchor Cap(Fastner Hole Cap),Machine(Handle) Screws Mesh Roller,Welding Blocks,End Milling Cutters,Routing Plate,

Welcome to Window Mechanix

Window Mechanix is provide UPVC hardware and PVC components. like, Glass packer, rofile Packer, self drilling screws, Self Taping Screws , Nylon adjustable roller, Nylon frame anchor, metal frame anchor and, Routing Bit, Touch Lock , PoP-Up Handle. Bump stoper,Spacer Block, Mechanical Joint , Sliding Door Keep,

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