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About Window Mechanix Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Window Mechanix Pvt. Ltd.. We see outsourcing as a partnership, not just a contract. Our service offerings span from back office all the way to creative, but that isn’t the only thing that makes Personiv unique. Our culture is steeped in excellence with a quality stamp that can’t be duplicated. And although we have every credential you’re looking for (think ISO, PCI, the works) what makes our customers so loyal is our dedication to one-on-one service, our flexible approach and our commitment to getting it right, the first time.

Personiv’s vibrant and engaging atmosphere is achieved with intensive effort and impeccable leadership. Whether it’s ‘Fun Fridays’ where team members dress up, quarterly CSR activities in the community or star-studded yearly events, we engage our team by focusing on their professional and personal needs. Our managers are given the tools they need to succeed through hard work, training and leadership. We’ve even been known to climb a mountain or two. No matter what we’re doing, we believe that taking care of our employees means they will take care of our customers. Our culture is built on a foundation of three pillars:

A Focus on QUALITY

Our quality is never second-best. We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your standards just to save money and outsourcing can provide an even better experience than what you are currently getting in-house. What it really comes down to is our people. By hiring the most qualified talent, we can ensure that our quality is always the best.

A Focus on PEOPLE

We make sure that all individual team members should feel inspired, seen and rewarded. Each month, activities are planned with high percentage participation among the team. In addition, ongoing activities such as sporting events take place throughout the year. The most anticipated event of the year however is the annual party in which our team members dress to the nines and perform for their peers. Our focus on our people is why so many employees claim they are #PersonivProud and that working here is like being with family.


Giving back to the communities where we live and work is a core philosophy at Personiv, where we engage in quarterly corporate responsibility projects. We like to call it, Being Human. From donating blood and cleaning up schools to providing food and clean water to children, we focus on projects that create the highest impact. Check out just a few of the projects we’ve been able to complete in the past few years here.